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Polio , Club Foot or CTEV, Cerebral Palsy, Congenital Deformities, Non Union & Mal Union, Compound Fracture

Ilizarov & Hexapod

Deformities of bone & soft tissues are corrected by soft tissue surgery, plaster, internal fixation( by plates nails & wires) and external fixation with the help of Ilizarov apparatus .

An ilizarov apparatus consists of few wires which pass through the bone , and wires are externally connected with the rings . By manipulation of rings , the bone fragments are mobilized , angulated, translated, rotated and lengthened. In this way it is one of the best method to treat or correct the deformities gradually.

An Orthopedic surgeon "Gavriil Ilizarov", in 1950-1960 introduced this method . This method is being used since then and many improvisations have been done in this method. Instead of wire now schanz pins are used but the basic concepts and philosophy, which ilizarov gave , remains the same.

The results achieved by Ilizarov method are much more precise than the plaster or internal fixation. However, ilizrov apparatus is cumbersome as it is outside the limb.

The Hexapod is used to have correction by computer assisted programmer. Once attached to the ilizarov apparatus the calculation are made of the studs or the rods attaching proximal and distal fragment. And these calculations are fed to the computer software . We can correct the deformity of angulation, rotation ,translation , lengthening in one go, rather than step by step as used to be done by ilizarov. So the results are more precise than the results obtained by ilizarov alone.

We are using SUV computer assisted program Hexapod for the treatment of polio deformity correction. It is being used in extension osteotomy tibia, supracondylar osteotomy femur as well as in hip osteotomy.

Successfully Treated Deformities

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