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Polio , Club Foot or CTEV, Cerebral Palsy, Congenital Deformities, Non Union & Mal Union, Compound Fracture


Polio Treatment with Computer Assisted Hexapod and Ilizarov

I was having polio from the age of 3-1/2 years. My problem was, whenever I used to walk my foot was in drop position and my knee was not getting locked. And because of this I was not able to walk longer distances and whenever I used to stand on only right leg (right) and I was unable to bear the weight on the poliotic (left) leg.

Polio Treatment with Computer Assisted Hexapod and Ilizarov at the age of 38


I am RoopaDanraj , 38 years old , from Bengaluru, Karnataka. I have polio from my childhood.When I walked, I had to put my hand on my knee and with every step I felt pain on my back while walking. On walking I could not go far of. Slowly, I realized, I will go to wheel chair in future.

Cerebral Palsy Crouch Gait Treatment


I am Gaurav Aggarwal 18 years old from Narwana (Jind). I am having Cerebral Palsy. I was suffering with a great diffculty of walking as i used to walk in crouch position and i was not able to stand properly with proper weight. I was having bent knees due to which I was not able to sit properly. Whenever I used to walk I walk with the legs crossed to the other side.

Polio - Frequent Falls - Treatment


I am Balwinder Singh from Gulah(Haryana). I am having polio and earlier I my right lower limb was bent at knee and short and heel was in the air. I was having frequent falls while walking and was not able to walk longer distances.

Polio Treatment with ILIZAROV


I am Shehanshah. I am from Ajamgarh. I am suffering from polio of left lower limb. I had difficulty in walking. My heel never touched the ground. My back used to lurch a lot.

Polio Treatment


I am Nuresha from Panipat. My hip was deformed and bent, i had lurch in my back while walking, my knee always bent forward and I fall down whenever I used to walk. My heel never touched the ground.....

Dr. Bhola's Views and Testimonials of 3 patients about Polio


I am Sanjay Sharma, from Chandlaana, Kaithal and I am a poliotic patient. Before the year 2000, I used to walk with my hand on thigh and with the support of one another person. After walking some sort of distance i usually got tired and had to seek the help of a person while going to school as at that time my condition was so critical ..................

Successfully Treated Deformities

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